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Who We Are

My name is Tim Dolan. I founded GetMeCredit after 30 successful years of sales, management, and partnerships in the automotive credit and finance industries, working with thousands of customers to achieve their dreams.

On this website, on YouTube, and on our podcast, I share short weekly segments about the various aspects of credit restoration and credit repair options available today.

This is the type of information that anyone looking to improve their credit should know about.

Working with families and individuals to overcome their credit challenges so they can buy a new car, move to a new home, and improve their life is personally rewarding, and a very fulfilling career.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. To be there to listen, understand, and help; at the end of the day, that’s what counts.

What We’re Doing

GetMeCredit was founded with the mission to provide you a place where experts will take the time to listen, review your credit concerns, and understand your personal needs. Experts who know exactly what to do, and how to help your situation. Experts to get your credit situation improved, so you can get into the new car, apartment, or home you want, with a payment you can afford, to help you move forward.

We Can Help!

Be heard! You work hard for a living, and we want to get you credit for that! Give us the opportunity to help you restore your credit, to improve your score and your overall financial position.  Learn more about the many ways we can help!

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