What Is A Credit Restoration Company

10 Oct

What Is A Credit Restoration Company

Restore Your Credit With Help From A Credit Restoration Company

Tim Dolan of GetMeCredit.org breaks down the basis to answer the question, “what is a credit restoration company”?  Companies can vary, so it is important to know what their exact processes, costs, and timelines are.  Any good credit restoration company should be able to discuss these things with you, to see if their method is a good fit for your own personal goals and expectations.


  • A credit restoration company is designed to help you restore your credit

  • Credit restoration companies use the laws that are established to help you manage your credit

  • A good company will review your credit reports and information from the 3 big reporting agencies

  • You’ll get help to challenge any discrepancies or errors on your credit report

  • Credit restoration companies have the resources and processes on how to follow the proper steps

  • You should get a game plan that outlines the executable items and timelines for what will be done to restore your credit

  • Interview any credit restoration company before you decide to ask them what they will do and how long it will take

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Here is the transcription from Episode 2 What Is A Credit Restoration Company;

Jesse: Everyone, Jesse here with Tim Dolan of GetMeCredit.org.

Tim: Hi, Jesse.

Jesse: And today, we’re going to be talking about what is a credit restoration company. We’ve talked in a previous episode about what is credit restoration. So, what is a credit restoration company, and what does it do for you?

Tim: Credit restoration companies are a company, obviously, that has been put together by some people that want to help people restore their credit. Somebody that’s maybe got a 550 or a 600 or a 530 or even a 600 or a 650 credit score, and they just want to get it up a little bit higher to qualify for a better rate for their house or their car or something like that. So, a company that have established themselves for being able to go out and use the rule of the law, Fair Credit Opportunity Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, things like that, and they actually look at your credit histories on all three credit bureaus that are out there. They’ll sit down, and they’ll analyze them. They’ll use their expertise and their lawyers that they have, and they’ll kind of come up with a game plan for you to follow.

Some companies will go in and challenge all of your problems all at once, and they’ll work with you monthly, weekly, daily, whatever is necessary for them to challenge the stuff that’s on your report and make sure it is yours. The law does say that the companies have to be able to prove that it is your debt if it’s on your credit or your judgment or whatever it is, and they have to show that to you. So, you can challenge those things, and there’s steps that they will go through for you so you don’t have to do that, be it writing letters or maybe sometimes contact from some of their credit attorneys who will actually make a phone call for you and stuff.
They’ll go out, and they’ll put together a game plan so to speak. It could take you three months, four months, six months just depending on how many tradelines you have on your credit history, and how many derogatory items that you do have on there.

Jesse: So, a credit restoration company, really, they’re experts. They know everything it takes front to back, and they’re going to, like you said, coach you or help you kind of game plan the process instead of you just kind of willy-nilly trying to restore your credit and digging through articles online. A credit restoration company’s really going to know exactly where to start and help you along the journey?

Tim: Yep. Yep. That’s true. So, you can do it yourself if you know the rule of the law. You can actually dig into it yourself and do it yourself, but if you don’t do it right, it’s not going to accomplish anything. Your time is worth something, and a lot of people just don’t want to get that involved in restoring their own credit. They’d rather have somebody else jump in there and do it for them, and that’s why there’s a lot of credit restoration companies out there.

What is a credit restoration company, and what they do? They’re all different. Okay?

Jesse: Sure.

Tim: They have different techniques and different ways to do things.

Jesse: So, like any other business, everybody’s a little different.

Tim: Yeah, exactly. I would much rather have somebody … I’m kind of a charge, go ahead thing, so, “Hey. Take all of mine on at once, and let’s go. Let’s just make this work right now.” Where other companies will say, “Hey. We’ll take on a couple of things this month and a couple of things next month,” and that may prolong getting your credit restored. Ultimately, the end is they want to get to where you can accomplish what you were going to do, buy a house, buy a car, or whatever it was you were trying to accomplish.

So, when you’re looking for a credit restoration company, I would definitely interview them, basically. What do you do? How long have you been around? How do you do it? What steps do you take? Can you do it in four to six months, or is this going to take me a year? All legitimate questions. I think it’s information you need to find out when you’re asking yourself, “Hey. What is a credit restoration company?”

Jesse: Well, and obviously, you are a credit restoration company, GetMeCredit.org. If people want to reach out to you and find you, how would that do that?

Tim: They can go to our website, GetMeCredit.org, or they can call me at (651) 243-2866. I look forward to meeting anybody and putting a game plan together with you and helping restore your credit.

Jesse: Perfect. All right. Thanks.

Tim: Thank you.

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